Sunday, July 11, 2010

Smoke, Lightning, Parking Lots!

Okay, so no lightning. But all the other things have been happening. A lot has been going on in the production, it is high time I let you in on it.

So, first, smoke. Our lovely video artist Emily Auble's computer erupted into what could best be described as a "fizzle" last Sunday, smoking lightly... but enough to cause alarm. All our footage, the live feed patch, all seemed lost, and the whole show seemed in peril for a good five days! But, through the power of modern computer medicine, her computer has been brought back from the dead in something of a miraculous occurrence.

We have determined this is evidence that God both loves us and hates us. As it should be, really.

Second, Parking lots! We have a location for the show!!

Prestige Parking has given us the go ahead to use their lot on 2nd and Beaudry, right by the 110 downtown. Here's a drab google street map view of the wonder:

The location is ideal for many purposes-- you can see the show going on from the freeway!-- but the highlight for all involved is the taco stand that sets up on the corner. It brings people to the lot throughout the evening, and hopefully a few will be curious about the completely silent (there will only be silence for the first 3/4 outside of the cars) circle of cars and the projection on the wall. It also gives our patrons a place to snack if they are early or wish to linger.

Of course the best part about the stand is its unintentionally derrogatory name, as seen in the photo below:

We are guessing it should be pronounced "Kee""kay"'s? We are certain the owners have no intention of threatening or offending the more Semitic among us, just care little enough about the English connotations of the word to not worry about it. Only in Los Angeles, folks.

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